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Ellen Marie


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Psychic   Medium   Healer

PROPHETIC DREAMS were my introduction into the psychic world, and at a young age. In time I learned to understand ways the "dreaming" mind communicated through imagery and symbols that made sense in my "waking" life. 

I found Carlos Castenada's book THE ART OF DREAMING really helpful during those years.

* * * * * 

I have developed my psychic gifts over the last four decades.

I've studied through the Berkeley Psychic Institute, Lionheart Institute of Transformational Energy Healing, and Cleargreen (Carlos Castenada's Shamanistic Cohorts) and clocked thousands of field hours as an energy worker with my own clientele. I learned how to work on myself long before I was allowed to work on others. 

* * * * * 

I read people, objects, and houses using a combination of my clairvoyant abilities and/or tea leaves, tarot cards, photographs, objects, akashic records, chakras, and auras (the morphogenetic field & the energy body). 

* * * * * 

What good is a READING if you don't know what to do about the energies that present themselves? 

* * * * * 

In HEALINGS, I am accessing information stored in the energy body 

and presenting it in a way that supports growth and forward momentum. 

* * * * * 

I committed to the laws of light long ago, and the energetic truths I've learned along the way. I do not limit my experience on earth by negating the invisible worlds 

alive aplenty all day long around us.

I have removed attachments, reconnected astral cords, cleaned chakras, reconstructed auras, done psychic surgery, wrestled with the devil, played with the little people, been recalibrated by giant Rainbow beings, tormented by ancestors, and comforted by angels. I've even had the dearly departed manipulate my calendar to make sure two loved ones "happened" upon me at the same time. 

This is not an exhaustive list of a typical day-in-the-life-of and if I've learned anything I've learned to trust gifts to enhance yours.  

I am here to shine light on all that you are so you can remember all that you can become, why you're here and how to be the most effective version of yourself possible. 

Let's hop onto your timelines 

and see what your future self is up to.

Clairvoyant Reading  I tune into your name vibration to find your "channel". Once tuned in, I get visions and describe what I see. I can work from an overview perspective in a reading, or with specific questions to help you receive the information you need. We can go back in time or into the future allowing for helpful insights into all aspects of your life and relationships.

Mediumship Reading  Connecting with loved ones who have passed on is an enlightening experience. Often those closely connected with you in life are hovering close at hand to guide you and help you on your path. Spirit gives me insights that I pass on to you. These sessions can be extremely healing to those left behind and can offer a perspective the client may not have considered.

Transformational Energy Healing  In a healing session I clear, align and balance chakras, clear out blocks in energy channels, cleanse the aura, and release energy cords that might limit your growth and ability to manifest your goals. Your higher self guides the healing almost as much as I do by leading me to the "heart of the matter" in a way that is freeing, and healing.

Ultimately it is my goal to give as clear an insight into any concern you may have using any combination of my natural talents and acquired skills. Often people are stuck on the "whats" of life. Understanding the "whys" can allow tremendous growth and healing. 


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Sacred Bath 

Soulful Self-Care

Sacred Bath 

Energy Body OM bOMbs 

Embodied Sugar Scrub

Frankincense & Rose Milk Bath

Sacred Sage & Smudge Materials

Don't let the stressors of daily life chunk up your chi or suck your spirit dry. 

Try a Sacred Bath Energy Body OM bOMb

Designed to support the subtle body and aid in multi-dimensional healing, each bomb works its magic while you relax in the bath. A unique formula for each chakra, the aura, and the astral body combine medical grade essential oils with organic coconut oil to stimulate the vital hubs of the subtle body, while an Epsom salt blend draws out impurities.

Embodied Sugar Scrub was designed to help the user feel more present and embodied in their own physical vessel. Sugar exfoliates while coconut oil moisturizes and essential oil blends add the right combination of nourishment and healing support.

Frankincense & Rose Milk Bath is a silky smooth infusion of vitamins A and D and lactic acid. 

We carry:

- white sage 

- blue sage

- white pine 

- cedar

- yerba santa

- eucalyptus

- sage with rose petals

- dragons blood

- mugwort 

- desert sage 

- palo santo

- abalone shells

Got BIG problems? Don't worry. We have BIG wands too. 

We make our own white pine bundles on solstices and shrink wrap them to retain freshness.

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