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Don't let the stressors of daily life chunk up your chi or suck your spirit dry. 

Energy Body OM bOMbs 

were designed by Ellen Marie Francisco, an energy healing clairvoyant, and her Spirit Guides to aid multi-dimensional healing. Each bOMb works its magic while you relax in your bath.

There is one OM bOMb for each of the seven major chakras in the energy system, two for the auric, and one for the astral body. Each OM bOMb is made with a blend of oils that work to stimulate, nourish, and support its corresponding chakra.

The astral OM bOMb is good for those who suffer from nightmares or experience discomfort as a result of astral traveling.

Sacred Bath

Energy Body OM bOMbs

Medicinal & Therapeutic Support for the

Subtle Body

Made with Medical Grade Essential Oils

in a Coconut Oil Base

Unique formulas for all 7 Chakras, the Aura, and the Astral Body ​combine ​medical grade essential oils with organic coconut oil to stimulate the vital hubs of the subtle body, while an Epsom salt blend draws out impurities.

Find your sacred space in an aromatic Sacred Bath and let the healing begin.

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